Annalee Kornelsen
Visual Practitioner, graphic facilitation, illustration, and visual thinking


Annalee Kornelsen is a perceptive and uplifting artist form the pacific northwest

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Ever since I discovered I could use a pencil to bring the images in my head to life it has been hard to convince me to do anything else. I'm grateful to have found a profession where I can put visual thinking to use supporting and empowering brilliant minds and conversations of all kinds.  

I come from a life-long, visual and expressive arts background, and always strive to create functional beauty.  I can nerd out about type and colour theory until the cows come home, but I understand that the power of what I do lies in connection and listening. I continue to train up presence, respectful relating and, perceptual openness in order to be completely responsive to each time, place, and circumstance.

Visual thinking is more than just my work: It's how I live and how I think. It is a tremendously powerful tool, and I am  privileged to be of service and support others in this way.

Depuis que J'ai découvert, a l'age d'un an et demi, que je pouvais me servir d'un crayon pour exprimer et animer mon monde imaginaire, il a été difficile de me convaincre de faire autre-chose. Je suis reconnaissante d'avoir pu trouver un métier qui me permet d'employer la synthèse visuelle au service de pensées brillantes et de conversations importantes de tout genre



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