Annalee Kornelsen
Visual Practitioner, graphic facilitation, illustration, and visual thinking


Frequently asked questions about working with a graphic facilitator / graphic recorder. Rates, how to book, collaboration, video and so on. 

Do you do those whiteboard drawing videos?:

Yes! I work with an excellent videographer and together we can produce your entire piece: from story boards to editing. I'm also happy to work with your video team. Here are some examples. 

Do you facilitate?:

No. I facilitate the graphics. I am an excellent addition to your team, and love working with facilitators whether they be in-house or contractors.

How do you charge?:

My fee is billed as a day rate + travel expenses (but not travel time)  Half days may be available depending on the project and the location. Live graphic recording is billed: 25% deposit and 75% upon completion. Studio work is billed: 50% deposit, and 50% upon completion.

Included in this day rate is any prep time, planning phone calls, Skype meetings, and emails required before hand as well as processing the images in photo shop (which I do myself) to leave you with a crisp jpg on a snowy white back ground. 

Do you have a not for profit rate?:

Quite possibly... depending on my workload, and depending on the project. It's always good to ask!

How do I book you? :

Drop me a line by phone or email. We can go over the specifics of your project and how I can be of benefit to you. If we decide to go ahead, I will send you my work agreement. Once you send it back signed: I'm booked!

Can I use your existing drawing for my project?:

All of my work is protected under copyright. I do license it for a fee, so please contact me for details. I'm usually happy for you to share it on your blog or website, but again, please ask.

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