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Annalee Kornelsen is a visual practioner, graphic recorder and artist based in Vancouver BC.

A Permission Faerie is Intuition's Best Friend

I like to describe intuition as the one voice in your head that never explains itself. It has no need to justify or explain its stance simply because it is based in what you actually, truly need, and that is reason enough. 

All the other voices, the ones that come from shoulds and guilt and ambition. The ones with all the because's and or-elses. Those ones have endless very good reasons. Endless explanations and excuses. Endless justifications. Those are the ones that are easy to explain to other people. These are the rational thoughts that sound really good but slightly less true every time you explain them. 

This is why, if you are settling into an intuition-based way of life, I recommend having permission faerie. 


The permission faerie can be a friend, a family member even a sympathetic stranger . You can even be your own permission faerie. The only requirement is the ability to feel and empathize. The permission faerie isn't so much about making decisions as she is about allowing you to experience whatever the heck you are already experiencing. Ultimately, she doesn't change much in the grand scheme of things, but she allows you to have your feelings and feel them, authentically and in broad daylight instead of in a dark closet of shame somewhere. Once you have your feelings, once you hear your intuition you gain clarity beyond any singular point of view. You can ask yourself what is of most benefit right now. Maybe it's eating the whole chocolate cake. Maybe it's going for a run. Maybe it just sitting and staring at the tree outside the window for five minutes... or an hour... or five. 

Whatever the most beneficial thing may be, there will be an unmistakable pulling feeling towards it. An inexplicable sense of trust. Use the permission faerie to support that. Let her fend off the questions while you follow and find out what comes next. 

Whatever you do, don't confuse her with the Gnome of obligation: he of the sense of dread. The endless reasonable and responsible explanations. He has a heavy heart and heavy feet that drag. Things get more confusing, and decisions more difficult when he's around. Usually, if you stop and centre yourself he will disappear, the fog will lift, and you'll wonder why you didn't follow your first gut feeling in the first place. 

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