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Annalee Kornelsen is a visual practioner, graphic recorder and artist based in Vancouver BC.

Staying Grounded in the Flow: Be a Sea Anemone

I've been thinking a lot about "making things happen" vs. "allowing things to happen". There's a balance of effort to be found somewhere in between passivity and force. I want to follow my instincts and desires from one serendipity sighting to the next, but I often feel swept up in the current when I step that deeply into the flow. Then I just end up chasing one shiny thing after another and losing sight of what I wanted in the first place. So, I thought maybe a role model would help. My favorite role models are found in nature, because it doesn't take itself quite so seriously. Enter:  The humble Sea Anemone:


So, as usual, it's all about trust and finding ways to remember that we can relax into it. I find I need to constantly look for new words and metaphors to help myself remember this because my sneaky brain will become immune to them after a while (sort of like repeating a word until it loses all meaning. Ex: soup soup soup soup soup soup). So today: Sea anemone. Next week? you'll meet the permission fairy. You'll like her, I promise.

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