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Annalee Kornelsen is a visual practioner, graphic recorder and artist based in Vancouver BC.

Thought Tumbleweed


Controlling our thoughts, feelings, and emotions is and exhausting and frustrating business. Our minds are wild and wooly, and they just keep on going 24/7.  For good reason, too: we've evolved to process vast amounts of stimulus and information in every moment. Its what allows us to navigate our environment and complex social structures.

Because of this, the very second I think that I have figured things out; that I've sorted them into neatly labeled boxes, something will change ( new information, a text message, no text message, hormones, blood sugar, barometric pressure... a slight breeze...) and I have to start all over.

It's good to remember that the thought tumbleweed is essentially harmless. It will resolve and change on its own, if I let it. The solution is to train up awareness and relaxation. Mindfulness is like any other skill it takes practice and consistency. The comforting thing, though, is that there's no wrong way to relax. There's no wrong way to be present. There is no thought tumbleweed too big or unruly, and we can just relax with all of those thoughts and feelings instead of trying to control them.

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