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Annalee Kornelsen is a visual practioner, graphic recorder and artist based in Vancouver BC.

Wait! I've got News!

I'm so excited for 2014 that I can barely stand it. Where to start?

First things first: to battle!

In the interest of doing things that utterly terrify me; I am competing in Art Battle Canada! This is equal parts nerve racking and exciting. Remember how I hated competing? Fear of rejection, anyone? Well, it's time to face that belief about myself head-on (and because it's me we're talking about, you know I'm going to do it publicly and recklessly, so don't miss it).

I have twenty minutes to pour my heart out on canvas along with another 12 fabulous artists. We're going to put on a show. There will be drinks, and music, and cheering (come cheer!). The audience votes for the winner (come vote!).

You can get tickets here

Second things second:

My painting "Anne's Warm-up" is being featured in the "Her / Self" online exhibit by the Women's Art Museum Society of Canada along side wonderful work by some very talented female artists. The best part? You can peruse at your leisure from the comfort of your easy chair (or office chair... you sly pooch).

I couldn't have asked for a better way to end, what has been for me, a year of discovery and overcoming. I got to spend the holidays on the beautiful Gulf Islands with family and some dear friends I don't see nearly as often as I'd like (not to mention a ton of new friends I'd love to see again).

I sat by my share of bonfires, swam in the freezing ocean, devoured a few books, and more than a few Christmas cookies. I got well and truly lost in the woods. Twice. In short: I rested my face off. I recommend this. Do it whenever you get the opportunity. 

Now that I'm back at the desk and the easel, sorting through email, paper work,  and watching endless web tutorials on vast and overwhelming topics I can honestly say that I am so excited and energized. I love it all so much.

Okay, I know. I won't feel this way forever. I'll get frustrated, and overwhelmed, and scared again soon I'm sure. Maybe in the next five minutes. But, when I do, I'll figure it out and draw a funny picture about it for your amusement. I promise.


See you next week. Thank you! to the moon and back, with a stack of pancakes. I hope 2014 is looking good to you too.