Annalee Kornelsen
Visual Practitioner, graphic facilitation, illustration, and visual thinking


Thoughts and advice on creativity, art, wellness, and living wholeheartedly from a fiercely intuitive soul.

Annalee Kornelsen is a visual practioner, graphic recorder and artist based in Vancouver BC.

The good kind of silence


Dear friends. I've missed you, but I've been experimenting with shutting up. Not talking so much.

Actually... those of you who know me in the physical realm know that this is absolutely untrue. I talk a great deal. Always have. Probably always will. I've tried to change it, but decided it was easier to just hang out with folks who don't mind. 

No, what I've been doing is letting my need to understand everything about my life and my process soften.  I've deliberately let it slip out of focus and into something more comfortable. Instead of making lots of plans and decisions, and shouting them from the rooftops, I've been letting the decisions make themselves, and let me know when they are ready. And, let me tell you, it's pretty great. Much less stressful, much more free.

Thank you for being with me here. Thank you for reading my strange little thoughts, and reaching out to let me know that something touched you. I'm excited to see what oddities, comics and observations decide to appear on this page. I feel a writing streak coming on, but have no idea where it's taking me. If you are even a little curious then you are warmly welcome to join me. 

There may be puns involved.