Annalee Kornelsen
Visual Practitioner, graphic facilitation, illustration, and visual thinking

Illustration and Info-grafics

Custom illustrations, drawings and info graphics to effectively and artfully communicate your big ideas. Past topics include ecological economics, stress, cultural identity, anxiety, trauma, fight or flight response, public services, strategic planning, and stewardship

I'm passionate about the synthesis of information. I create hand drawn, relatable info graphics with the goal of easeful communication and greater understanding

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I designed these visuals in collaboration with Alyson McHugh of Cold Stream Ecology in order to make the basic principles of Ecological Economics more accessible, particularly in how they relate to the Bridge River area and its inhabitants.


Freeze Mode 101

has been my most successful info-comic so far. Clearly there is a big need to talk about trauma, and the fight or flight response in an easily accessible way. Stay tuned for more on overcoming and outshining trauma.


Here are a few other info comics I've created:

The Truth about 10 000 Hours

Infographic commissioned by Unified Stream. They rock! Check them out here


Enthusiasm and Exhaustion

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Studio work is billed at an hourly rate. Drop me a line, and lets see how we can get your ideas onto paper and into everyone's head.

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