Annalee Kornelsen
Visual Practitioner, graphic facilitation, illustration, and visual thinking


White board animation videos by Vancouver based graphic facilitator and graphic recorder: Annalee Kornelsen. 

Live drawn "explainer" videos

Also known as " whiteboard animation" though I don't use whiteboards these days. There is a lot to be said for the feeling that someone wants you to understand somethign enough to draw you a picture. 

To preserve that authentic, hand drawn look, I work with one of several talented videographers  to capture live movement and texture. Together we can can produce your entire project from story board to editing. Folks usually provide their own script and audio track (voice over). However, I do also work with a professional writer and audio recording team, and can provide these services for an additional fee. Please enquire.  

You can also hire me to story- board and draw live in collaboration with your own video and editing team.   


Sfu consent matters video project 

This series of videos was done in Collaboration with SFU Creative Services as part of their "Consent Matters" campaign. 

Visuals/ drawing by Annalee Kornelsen, Produced by Jen Muranetz, additional editing by Gabriel Colome, support and direction by Kevin Teichroeb